Various companies offer services of transportation with liner ships/cargo for your goods that are taken by containers from port A to B. Visit or consult these resources to guide your decisions.

Shipping Liners Directory for Sea Rates

Here is a Shipping Liners Directory that will help to find what you may need for the exportation of goods.  This is an International Container Shipping Service that share their rates.  Feel free to search their website for more information at

SeaRates’ mission is to accelerate global trade by automating the cargo delivery process, improving visibility, and ensuring a seamless customer experience, from origin to destination.  They offer different services from container shipping and cargo consolidation to large shiploads.

They offer freight rates from the world’s leading logistics providers, shipping lines, and other vendors to destinations around the world. If you’re looking for more trusted, innovative partners, why not check out the world’s largest directory of freight forwarders and logistics companies.  This is free to access on


Hapag-Lloyd has now expanded its container fleet and offer standard containers. You can feel free to browse on their website at They offer a range of services and shipping options to those in need of sea transport. Businesses can find different solutions to their shipping needs with the help of Hapag-Lloyd.

Procurement and Supply Chain Management by Kenneth Lysons & Brian Farrington

Regarded as one of the most comprehensive and accessible books in the industry, Lysons and Farrington’s 10th edition of their seminal work adopts an international approach. They cover a broad spectrum of logistics and supply chain management responsibilities. It is a must-read for those in the industry.

Shipping and Industry Blogs

Readers can easily find more information by using the keywords and tools mentioned later. Find the latest news and updates in the shipping industry from blogs and websites. Also ensure that whatever online source is consulted is legitimate and trustworthy.

Helpful SearchTools

Here are some keywords that may help with searching on a website for certain topics – Logistics Explorer, Container Tracking, Load Calculator, Ship Schedules, Distances and Time, Smart Documents, and Route Planner.