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The global shipping activities have high quality and environmental standards and services  Liner Shipping Companies know that their customers are the most important to them.

Why not Book Your Container Today

To book your container, start to complete your requirements.  Select your service provider.  Explore the Shipment Rates.  Choose your payment terms and Confirm your booking.

Schedule options can easily be obtained via the Schedule Fax and Email request.  You will receive a defined service report directly to your email address.  In case there is a specific sailing option that does not display, kindly please contact the Customer Service Booking Representative to help you.

When you go online to do a booking, you can follow the instructions and you will see where the displayed results show.  This is based on search criteria.  Once your booking is scheduled, you will be sure your shipment is on time as planned.  The services offered will ensure your container is safe and secure.

Shipping companies have defined several quality promises that are formulated in concrete terms.  This makes their success measurable, and create transparency to their customers. You can purchase high-class Cargo Insurance and enjoy added security for your cargo. This is available for certain countries.

Clear your customs directly online.  This option is available for exports and imports.  Place your booking and follow the instructions on site, Fax, or Email to receive your defined service report.

Additional free-time is a purchase container-detention time for your shipments in addition to the freetime tariffs. This can be arranged online at a reduced amount.

Shipping Guarantee

The Shipping Guarantee is there to secure your spot.  The container you booked will require them to make sure your vessel will have the necessary protection.

Additional Services

There are additional services such as a Shipping Guarantee, Additional Freetime, Quick Cargo Insurance, and Customs Clearance.

Ocean Liners are Built for Speed

Ocean Liners are built for speed. They carry more fuel than cruise ships.  Both are huge ocean-going vessels.

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