About Us

Liner Services transport goods using high-capacity, ocean-going ships.  They work on fixed schedules and provide weekly departures from all the ports that each service calls for.

The goods that are transported via cargo, are goods that are moved overseas on ocean carriers.  These ships are routed on the sea and trade on these routes according to a timetable.

Liner Shipping’s Benefits

The benefit of Liner Shipping is that it connects countries, markets, businesses, and people all over the world.  The transporting of these goods represents approximately one-third of the total value of global trade.

Did You Know the a Liner is Reliable in Good or Bad Times?

Liners have 40% more steel in the structure.  This allows them to carry the containers from point A to B.  The distinctive characteristics of the liner trade are regularity, punctuality, speed, reliability in good as well as in bad times, and stable prices.


Transport has an essential role to play in the growth of an economy and sustainable development.  Shipping helps ensure that the benefits of trade and commerce are experienced.

Using Liner Services ensures that and is an economical option for businesses that want to transport their goods overseas or from overseas to the country they wish to have it delivered to.

How Long to Cross the Atlantic?

The typical time for ships to cross the Atlantic may take approximately six to eight days.  However, other times it may take ten to twenty days.  This will depend on the speed and weather conditions during the journey to reach the required destination.  The reason for this is there are times the ship will encounter monstrous weather conditions on the sea.

Many liners choose to add a few ports of call, which will stretch the length of time to reach the destination.  So, it can take up to two weeks or more.

Liner Services are exceptional and they make sure you are happy at all times.

Contact your closest port to book your container for your next delivery via the Atlantic ocean and know that you will be in good hands with great services all the way through.