What is a Tramp Service or Tramper?

There are new arrangements that are giving way to VSA and Global Alliances.  Shipping lines form strategic partnerships and offer joint services by pooling vessels on many of the trade routes. These new arrangements allow the carriers to limit their commitment to the number of vessels deployed on service while enjoying the benefits of the service.

Tramper ships can carry many other types of non-contracted cargo such as containers, RoRo, etc.  It is important to note that the term ‘tramp’ is not misconstrued as something inferior.  It is just a name that is used in the industry because the ship does not have a fixed route and is free to generally wander (sail) around the world to carry fixtures or carry cargo.

Proper seaworthy ships are capable of carrying various types of cargo depending on the trade routes.  These ships are manned by a crew with the required expertise to handle the operations and the voyage.  The difference between liner and tramp is the type of contract of carriage and Bill of Lading used.

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The most important thing is for your shipping process to cover the flow of goods and have documentation from the place of origin to the place of destination.  For the process to be completed successfully, the transfer of goods and documents from one party to another must be highly synchronized.

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